Youth Springday Service word of God By: Pst.Zuma (Lament 3:25; Matt 16 :24-26)

The Young Gifted and Saved/ Redeemed/ Delivered/ Forgiven/ Heaven Bound/ Holy Ghost Baptised.
The question IS.

“Do you have sense of purpose?”
“Do you have reason for living?”

1 Samuel 18:22-29 David was set up for death by Saul he gave David A high order to bring 100 foreskin from Philistine man. That became his purpose.
Purpose is something that you’re born for. That which you live for.That which you find fulfillment and contentment when doing, something your willing to die for.

The best time of finding that is during your hey days.
The lamenting Jeremiah said:
It is good for a man that he bear the yoke in his youth. A yoke dictates your action.

It is something bigger than you.
It is something bigger than your ego or your will. It is something much bigger than your limitations. Something much bigger than your feeble mind or imagination.

Give God, your church and your community your energy not your fatigue.
Give God, your church and your community your vigor not your sap.

It was the youth of 1976 that sent the message to Apartheid government ‘you may shot and kill us but hour days are numbered.’

In your youthful days be there for God.
Give Him your best now.

Don’t give God your tiring of BP or diabetes.

Give Him your best now.
Now while you’re still plyable.
While you’re teachable.
While you can still change.

The Holy Spirit will work wonders with and through you.
He will make you submit to the yoke of Discipleship.
He drive you where God needs you.
Read Ecclesiastes 12:

The best time you have is now.
This is no time of doing many unprofitable things but do what is noble.
Do something for God.
Do something for your church.
Do something for the next person.
Do something for the Kingdom of God.

Time of pursue ing the wind is over.
Jesus said “what shall it profit a man…”
Submit to the yoke now.
Carry your cross now.

Stand up and be a witness.
All that now. Date 01 Sep 2016 Thursday Youth Service Mamelodi West AOG.

Growth in God is Never Miraculous

Sermon by Nqobile Cynthia Nkosi

Scripture (Deuteronomy 1:6-8) Moses led the children of Israel, respected the law of God and trusted in God’s promises, walked with God and always seeking the presence of God.  If you feel that God’s presence in no longer with you refuse to go any further. God is the great navigator there is in this world, we need His direction, we need to focus on Him. God spoke to children of Israel and said you have dwelt long enough in this mountain its time you move, when with God there will be growth, with God there will be progress and activities. These always something going on more especially when your a young person. These no stagnation when your in the presence of God.

Refuse to be Christians who’s comfortable spiritually because it result to stagnation. The state of being stagnant is when these no move, dullness, no growth and no action. Growth in God doesn’t come miraculously, you say I want to grow then seek Him. Growth is not by accident. The word says ask it shall be given to you, spiritual growth depends on you as an individual. Postponing intimate time with God for when your older is not wise thing to do, being young and seeking God is more exciting, you can still see vividly you can hear and you can run for Him for your still full of energy.
whenever you don’t hear God’s voice ask Him to fill you, Ps Priscilla Shirer quote “comes a time you get tired of being spoon fed revelations and prophecies from others but you also crave to directly hear from God”. when the Holy spirit manifest its sad to be far away and not understand or be in that state and flow in Spirit. The feeling of being puzzled whenever the Holy Spirit manifest is painful.Growth is not miraculous it depends how you respond to Him. the time of being shy saying I don’t want to be on spotlight i’ll operate underground or as a generator has to end. Who are we serving? God’s word says profess me before men and I will also profess you in front of my father ans angels in heaven. The days of young people having a zeal of going to the house of God not to be audience but take part in praying, fasting and sharing the word of God are at hand.

Phillipians 3: 7-11 let us be eager to grow, Paul says that I may know Him and the power of His resurrection. Growth means taking action not only in words, young people as body of Christ we are to edify one another. We have tasks and roles that’s why we strive for fellowship and not allowing the spirit of ignorance and pride to hinders us from being used by God. We are relaxed whilst the church is burdened we need to get up from comfort zone and pray , if you don’t know your role ask God He’s faithful He will show you were to serve. It all comes with hunger for Him seeking Him not by miracle. Choose the right thing in the midst multidute of wrong things you can do, don’t relax and be comfortable with being spoon fed. The most painful thing is giving birth to a child who doesn’t growth. We cause a lot of traffic because new convents has to share  milk with saints who have been saved for years. Don’t be afraid of change, tap into the power it takes you to be attentive and consistent in seeking God. AMEN!

Mamelodi West AOG  Date: 14-April-2016


Sermon by Ps TE Zuma

Scripture (1 Samuel 17: 30-33)

When we talk about David we imagine him in his youth, same as Daniel and we also tend to think Timothy remained young but they all grew and became old. A sad history about David livelihood, his family ostracized him, thus on the day of his anointing he was not invited. Now all David’s brothers passed by Samuel but God said no to all of them.
Samuel knowing God asked, are all Jesse’s son here? Then David had to be called and the Lord said to Samuel this is the man. David psalm sung “You have anointed me with oil above my brothers” he was appreciating this day.

Immediately after the anointing David went back to his duty of looking after the sheep. Now shepherded the sheep with meaning he was anointed, the lion and bear came he defeated. Somehow  we could ask why they didn’t attack earlier, God set them in time for David to have testimony before Saul.There was a constant ongoing war between Israelite’s and Philistines. When Jesse sent David to the war camp to give his brothers victuals unexpectedly  was collided with cursing from  Goliath. This has been going on for forty days and no one would confront the giant.

He looked impossible to defeat because of his statue. The incentives offered by Saul did not persuade any man from Israelite to try  Goliath. The victor was promised to be free from tax and would be given Kings daughter to marry, but none was willing .
David came in the 40th day and heard the name of God being cursed and that caught his attention he asked the question, what would be done to the man who kills this Philistines? Aliab his brother tried to discourage him but David did not allow it he turned from him and ask another till he was referred to Saul. Saul saw a young man he said “YOU ARE JUST A YOUTH”. When young that’s when gift and talent are discovered its a very interesting phase in ones life. It’s A period for strength, boldness and being radical.

However, when people say you are just youth they are trying to marginalize, condemn, limit and diminish your potential. Don’t be discouraged by words like you “cannot make it, this has been tried before and many failed so leave it”. When young your suppressed in the name of love. Nevertheless, it is the right time to challenge status-quo. When Goliath here representing Satan say you are just youth its because he’s scared. The great weapon of the enemy is the voice. When Satan utter these words he’s trying to rob you, manipulate and use you for the work of darkness. The enemy will use this words to suck out your worth and destroy your destiny, he will whisper why go to school when there are no jobs. Be educated don’t be deceived ignorance is always a disadvantage. Young people you are the hope for the future, as elderly we expect you to take over.

But when God says “You Are Youth” means he trust you, he thinks highly of you, He has empowered you. When this words are uttered by God Himself its so special, he sees the deliverer of His people. God sees young people as worthy and willing messengers. The reality is the body we have is aging. Youth is not to be a bench-warmer but its time to go preach calling people to the Lord. Allow only God to say “YOU ARE YOUTH” its power and His Spirit is poured upon us. These dynamite in collaboration of elderly dreams and vision of young people . You are just youth and unstoppable but take note of how the forerunner did it. read biographies of great man the likes of Ps N Bhengu, Mandela etc. and learn how they did it. you are youth and can do great things. Amen!

Mamelodi West AOG Youth Service date:07-April-2016

“How to Praise your Way to Victory”

by: Khethiwe Pearl Pilson

7  Lesson we can learn from Jehoshaphat. (Chronicles 20: 1-26)
We have to learn from king Jehoshaphat, as brethren tend to first run to mere humans when storms hit instead of going straight to God.
1. Jehoshaphat inquired of the Lord about what he’s facing, brethren we are not to make phone calls to our friends or confidant but when we face storm we need to call on God he’s our forever present help and He never disappoint.

2. Jehoshaphat examined what God did in the past and told God about His great deeds, brethren look back and recall what the Lord has done and trust Him He can do it again , what you currently face is nothing God will still cause you to triumph.

3. Jehoshaphat embraced God’s promises, the promise He already made to Abraham he quoted the word, these power in confessing the word over your situation.
4. After consulted with God in private then you can tell fellow brothers and sisters to pray and carry the burden with us, Jehoshaphat surrendered to God and confess he’s powerlessness, WE HAVE NO POWER TO FACE THIS VAST ARMY, O LORD”, brethren God will never fail us, if we come as we are and acknowledge that we are powerless.
“Our victory doesn’t depend on our ability, it is not also our responsibility it is how we respond to God’s ability which is the greatest ability”we should not doubt God, we need to position ourselves on the word of God and stand firm.
5. Jehoshaphat Praised God before even knowing the outcome, these power in praising God in the midst of trouble. We might not know exactly what we are up against but we rest assured that God’s will fight for us, the choir that was set in front represented that the nation put God first. “God is ready to move on your behalf in victory but he will not do one solitary thing till you acknowledge Him”.Acknowledge God in all you do you will never go wrong.
6. When God is in it the enemy get’s confused, all Jehoshaphat enemy killed one another and the nation didn’t have to fight they just collected the valuable things. praise God even if its a rainy season worship him, not only in songs but our conduct our character worships Him.
7. King Jehoshaphat did one thing we tends to forget thanking God in all, from little thing to great things lets cultivate the culture of gratitude, waking up in the morning and winning small and great battles, thank Him and praise Him still. He laid praises before the storm and let God took over, he rested in praise he didn’t remind God what was facing Him he trusted God and God delivered the nation. He showed up and He will show up for you, trust and acknowledging Him in all your ways. AMEN!!

Mamelodi West Assemblies of God 31 April 2016

“Don’t Negotiate with the Enemy”

by: Sibongile Innocentia Mathibela

Stop conversing and trying to reason and debate with the enemy (Genesis 3:1-10)

Satan has a way of showing things as good and the rest which are in the will of God not as close to good.Saints, we have a tendency of arguing, negotiating and conversing with Satan and doing so we endanger those who are close to us. The devil speak to us and we let him and we have a dialogue with him as Eve did, having a conversation with the enemy is opening up a door of being deceived. If Eve did not even let a conversation with her she would have not ate from the forbidden tree, but because she let him to have her attention and she looked, desired and ate.
The world may impressed upon us as children of God that we can do this and that and these no sin in it, but we know sin gain entrance by the little things we think are not harmful and are not qualified to be sin, scriptures can also be quoted in reference. Wake up the devil is fighting us to turn against the will of God that everyone observing may ridicule our salvation. We hear of young people saying No I cant sing i’m not okay, who told you your naked? this can be a sign you’ve being negotiating with the enemy hence you present excuses when you have to serve.
We are saved not because we are special but it is by grace and we live by faith trusting God’s sustaining grace, we are weak but God’s power enable us to be powerful. Backsliders did not just suddenly slide back the process start as we negotiate then think about it then end up doing it, then you sit back and see your self as unworthy. The enemy will make you question your progress in life, your status compared to your peers and show how you can prosper if you just break one rule, he will preach to you that no one will see just a bit and you’ll stop. Entertaining those thoughts is negotiating with the enemy, he wants those who are in the garden, those outside are his but he’s hunting young people using the same tactics he used to Eve.
We need to rebuke the enemy by using the word, quoting “it is written” and pray get away from gossiping and being in groups. We are victors if we don’t give the Satan space to negotiate with us. The are times when its hard to pray or read the word but placing pluck cards with scriptures written on them in your room, so that when those times comes your look up and speak out the WORD of God because is power. Be honest to God when we are struggling in certain areas in our lives, ask Him and he’s faithful to heal us and makes us live a victorious lives in Christ Jesus. Amen!!

Mamelodi West Assemblies of God Youth Service on  3 March 2016



eagle image

Isaiah 40: 28 Do you not know?  Have you not heard?The Lord is the everlasting God,
the Creator of the ends of the earth.He will not grow tired or weary,and his understanding no one can fathom.29 He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.
30 Even youths grow tired and weary,and young men stumble and fall; 31 but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.They will soar on wings like eagles;
they will run and not grow weary,they will walk and not be faint.

We have strength like an Eagle young people. sharp eye sight , focus and strength to soar.
The eagle traits are it focuses to what it sees till it gets it, the eagle has a sharp vision it can spot a rabbit from 2 miles away .the eagle has two sets of eyes one for normal environment the other  set is for during the storm. The eagle does not eat a dead things, its not like vultures, as young we have being given more than the eagle in focus, vision and strength . We ought to have second sets of eyes, so that when we are faces with storms we can adjust and see as through Holy Spirit eyes. Young people we don’t run out of ideas and persuade dead things, these always fresh new ventures something not done previously focus on that like an eagle till you catch it.
Eagles does not fear storms but uses the storm to fly above it finds its joy as its soar in the storms ,learn to use the storms of life to climb higher rejoice about the storm because they come to elevate you to greater heights. God promises new strength, an eagle trains its young ones it plans ahead for its eggs. the eagle builds its nest up high using different layers thorns, grass and thorns again then soft layers for the surface where eggs are. When baby eagle phase of training arrives it removes the comfortable layer and thorns will compel baby eagle to move and learn to survive outside the nest. As children of God we should not sit in the comfort zone, we ought to do more than the usual , these life beyond the nest visionaries focus and you will reach what you projected.

The Holy Spirit enables us to see beyond our current situation Lets have vision as youth seeing far off and planning ahead of time like an eagle. Refuse to stay in comfort zone it can be comfort of a sin don’t allow it when God’s word says He will strengthen us when we’ve grown tired, like an eagle’s process of of being renewed  from bald body to powerful wings and strength. God says call upon me I will answer you I will show you things you do not know of. why not draw near to God? He gives power to the weak. The Lord want us to seek him in prayer and fasting, trusting Him in all stages we go through, do not faint on the way continue dwelling in Him and He will renew your strength.

Sermon by: Bab’Nkomo from Mamelodi West AOG

Date: 18 February 2016


faith image

Matthew 11 v 12 and from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of God suffers violence, and the violent take it by force.
These a season for everything at times we tell ourselves that “i’m waiting upon the Lord” thinking that when the time comes the promises will just fall on our lap. There is a time of waiting but also these a time to move and possessing the promise . Lest we forget as children of the light nothing comes without a fight, the enemy won’t let us inherit God’s promises without war. We need to be able to discern the season we are in, whether is the season of receiving God’s promises , a season to reap from what you put in, a season to experience God’s abundant increase in all areas of your life.
Quiet often circumstances and situations we face are from the kingdom of darkness fighting our progress as children of light. The Holy spirit enables us to discern and interpreting the times. We received salvation by faith and everything that follows after that is attainable by faith and yes works, that’s the language God understand. Faith is the force we use to take what belongs to us, it is the power that moves what stands between us and our God given promises. We are not going to take what belong to us by physical strength, being our human intellect, education or skills.
Faith creates a powerful force fighting any hindrances from receiving what is due to us from the Lord. These no formula but Holy Spirit will lead your faith to move in declaring, praying, groaning, worshiping or just crying . The Holy spirit grace us with right strategy which will usher a breakthrough of the season.

As we are called the children of light we must be in the light and know what season we are in, as an individually and as a church. Discerning if its time to take by force of faith what belongs to us. Lets be aware that the darkness will fight us till Jesus comes back we really have no time to relax, how we read the times as the children of the light is crucial. The manner we react to the dark force determines the kind of faith we have. Youth lets apply the force of faith and be the violent that take it by force. Lets go move in the force of faith and inherit what God has promised us.

Sermon by: Sr Nomali Mahlangu from Mamelodi West AOG

Date : 11 February 2016

Guard your Mind its your Garden


Nonhlanhla Doreen Nkosi-Dlamini

“Words” Our sister from M/W AOG saved and loves the Lord Jesus currently working at Vodacom as an Assistant Manager, an IT student and a Bible scholar. Ministered with a teaching in our Youth Service on the 28/01/2016.


Joshua 1: Keep this Book of the Law always on your lips; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful.

Your thoughts, your words and confessions are seeds, be cautious about what you think what you say with your mouth remember the power of life and death is in the tongue.

Your mind is like a garden you must not allow  filthy thoughts(seeds) to be planted in your mind. It might happen you find yourself confessing negative things provoked by current situation be quick and replace those words with the word of God: say I’m the righteous of God, I’m the royal priesthood, I’m not the tail but I’m the head, I’m victorious, I’m successful, I’m destined for greatness. Declare God’s goodness over your life, we serve a great God nothing is impossible with him even the word impossible has “has I’m possible” in it.

Brethren let us guard how we talk to everyone even little ones, unwholesome words like your stupid and a dummy must not come out of our mouth. These words are poison and unhealthy to the mind its like planting a seed of destruction in ones mind.

How do we guard our minds and avoid confessing and talking language of death? it all start in our minds, what we mediate on. Every morning after prayer and reading the word dwell in that scripture. We need to develop a culture of meditating on the word of God and bombarding our minds with the word and leave no space for negative thoughts to creep in. An example of a glass if its with no water these air in it but if its full to its brim with water there wont be space for air or any other thing. Therefore, if our minds is filled with the word of God it will overflow in our mouth, the language when you speak will confirm what you’ve been planting in your mind. The word of God is full of God’s promises and Gods promises are yes and amen.

Quoting word written in the hymn book Icilongo levangeli “God’s promises stands for eternal and is affirmed by the blood; trust even if its dark; because beyond the clouds these stars.” you get to be in cloudy season and focus on clouds you end up confessing bad things about your life. Rest assured there is light behind those dark clouds. In life we get discouraged comparing our lives with our peers who have advanced in life, asking God what is wrong with me? why am I still here? Now Joshua was about to lead a great nation a troublesome and weary nation . God gave him His word be strong and of good courage meditate in this book of law and nothing will stand in your way. Jeremiah 1: 12 The Lord said to me, “You have seen correctly, for I am watching[b] to see that my word is fulfilled.” the word of God is true and if we are filled with it we become victorious on every challenges. Guarding what goes into our minds is vital cause words can hurt and words spoken never be returned. an open wound is much better than

We can loose friendship, family and brethren just by releasing unwholesome words. As a man think in his heart and so is he. In God there is no failure if you find it hard to speak words that are life giving ask the Holy Spirit in prayer he will grace you with right words to use. In the book of James we are thought about asking God for wisdom and He is faithful to give us wisdom. Our God is approachable He is not like Zues in Hercules He is a loving father. Phillipians 4  Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. 

If you had hurt your brother or sister using words go to them apologize with words relationships can be restored . Thereafter, guard and watch what gets planted in your mind cause it becomes your words and actions.

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