“How to Praise your Way to Victory”

by: Khethiwe Pearl Pilson

7  Lesson we can learn from Jehoshaphat. (Chronicles 20: 1-26)
We have to learn from king Jehoshaphat, as brethren tend to first run to mere humans when storms hit instead of going straight to God.
1. Jehoshaphat inquired of the Lord about what he’s facing, brethren we are not to make phone calls to our friends or confidant but when we face storm we need to call on God he’s our forever present help and He never disappoint.

2. Jehoshaphat examined what God did in the past and told God about His great deeds, brethren look back and recall what the Lord has done and trust Him He can do it again , what you currently face is nothing God will still cause you to triumph.

3. Jehoshaphat embraced God’s promises, the promise He already made to Abraham he quoted the word, these power in confessing the word over your situation.
4. After consulted with God in private then you can tell fellow brothers and sisters to pray and carry the burden with us, Jehoshaphat surrendered to God and confess he’s powerlessness, WE HAVE NO POWER TO FACE THIS VAST ARMY, O LORD”, brethren God will never fail us, if we come as we are and acknowledge that we are powerless.
“Our victory doesn’t depend on our ability, it is not also our responsibility it is how we respond to God’s ability which is the greatest ability”we should not doubt God, we need to position ourselves on the word of God and stand firm.
5. Jehoshaphat Praised God before even knowing the outcome, these power in praising God in the midst of trouble. We might not know exactly what we are up against but we rest assured that God’s will fight for us, the choir that was set in front represented that the nation put God first. “God is ready to move on your behalf in victory but he will not do one solitary thing till you acknowledge Him”.Acknowledge God in all you do you will never go wrong.
6. When God is in it the enemy get’s confused, all Jehoshaphat enemy killed one another and the nation didn’t have to fight they just collected the valuable things. praise God even if its a rainy season worship him, not only in songs but our conduct our character worships Him.
7. King Jehoshaphat did one thing we tends to forget thanking God in all, from little thing to great things lets cultivate the culture of gratitude, waking up in the morning and winning small and great battles, thank Him and praise Him still. He laid praises before the storm and let God took over, he rested in praise he didn’t remind God what was facing Him he trusted God and God delivered the nation. He showed up and He will show up for you, trust and acknowledging Him in all your ways. AMEN!!

Mamelodi West Assemblies of God 31 April 2016

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